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Online Learning Benefits At Northwestern Theological Seminary

online seminary

All you need to attend online classes with Northwestern Theological Seminary is a computer and access to the Internet.

Save Time

Scheduling and completing online seminary courses at Northwestern is less time-consuming due to the accelerated course structures and convenience.

Save Money

Eliminate travel expenses, room and board costs, the high cost of textbooks, and other learning expenses associated with on-site Seminaries and Bible Colleges. Most students at the end of their education, when they have completed their degree programs, are left with the burden of huge student loans. Avoid the hassles of student loans by getting an online seminary education with Northwestern Theological Seminary instead and save money.


You can access your online seminary learning courses at anytime, in any place you have access to the Internet, even from the comfort of your own home and during summer and holiday breaks. You are free to schedule your own learning time based on what is convenient for you. This is a great option for students who are in full time ministry, have a full time job or have children and would not be able to attend classes in any other way.


Online learning can be accountable because assignments, assessments, activities, course completions, and participant progress can be monitored through the seminary online course management system. However, in our self-paced program you are primarily accountable to yourself.

Technological Advancement Creates Excitement About Learning

The interactivity and online worldwide student community of the Northwestern Theological Seminary online seminary course management system makes learning more engaging and fun!


To read more about the Online Seminary and Bible College at Northwestern Theological Seminary, click on the following link: NTS Online Seminary and Bible College

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By providing the ability to learn and earn your seminary degree online whenever you want and wherever you want, Northwestern Theological Seminary offers you, the worldwide Christian community, far greater opportunities for education than what could have been imagined a few years ago. These are the learning benefits of our online seminary.