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You can receive your state authorized, theologically accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!    

Accelerated Degrees

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Accelerated Academic

Degree Program (AADP)


90-Day Accelerated Degree Programs

*Full curriculum “traditional” degree programs are available for those who have years at their disposal for studies. For details on our 4-year programs please view the ONLINE CAMPUS page or Traditional Degrees Page on the site menu. For accelerated 90-day programs please review the details stated below.


The Structure of Our Degree Programs

Northwestern Theological Seminary provides a tremendous advantage for students with prior life experience.  We are now offering programs similar to that of major colleges and universities whereby students can achieve substantial credit for prior life experience.  In fact, similar to other well known USA, European and Australian degree programs we are allowing students to earn Master’s and Doctorate degrees by Thesis or Dissertation ONLY. You can actually have your degree in hand in less than 90-days.

90-day Bachelor degrees involve completion of a PLA/ Prior Learning Assessment and a Thesis. This totals 120 credit hours and is considered a research based degree.

Easy to follow guides are provide on the site MENU for students to use in completing their 90-day degree programs.

The AADP accelerated degree program is a well known and accepted method in which many students are obtaining their degrees in many different majors at educational institutions around the world. The thesis-only and dissertation-only degree programs are also known by the term ‘degree by research’. There are a number of well known universities in the USA and internationally that offer this type of degree by research-only program.

Advantages of the Accelerated Academic Degree Program (AADP):

  • Convenient and a time-efficient way to obtain your graduate level degree
  • Continue to work full-time – An AADP degree program can be earned on your own time schedule while you continue to work at your job. No need for physical class attendance.
  • Complete your degree requirements far faster than any traditional degree program. You can earn your degree in 90-days or less.

AADP Requirements

The NTS-AADP degree program is ideal for applicants and students that are seeking to attain Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate level degrees in just 90-days.

You will earn your Bachelor degree through a 2 step process: 1. Complete your PLA, Prior Learning Assessment and 2. Complete your Bachelor’s Thesis.

You will earn your Master’s or Doctorate by completing your Thesis or Dissertation only.

Simply PRINT the guide to preparing your PLA, Prior Learning Assessment, or your guide to preparing your Thesis and Dissertation from the site MENU and follow the easy directions. When completed just send as s PDF file as an e-mail attachment to your faculty advisor at Northwestern.   We will promptly grade your assignments and award your degree. *Full curriculum degree programs are also available by request.

Accelerated 90- Day Programs

For the 90-day accelerated bachelor degree programs, a PLA Prior Learning Assessment is required. PLA is also an option for master’s and doctoral degree programs, but may be completed for 30 added credits.       A Thesis is required for all bachelor and master’s degree programs and a dissertation is required for all doctoral degree programs. A GUIDE for preparing your PLA and a GUIDE for preparing your thesis or dissertation are provided on the site menu.

“The great benefit of an accelerated degree program, beside the huge savings of both time and money, is that all study is focused on your major only. This concentrated study allows the student to become an expert in the field of their major in just 90-days!”

Historically, the standard has always been that students prove mastery of their subject major, through research and performance of a Thesis or Dissertation. Each Thesis or Dissertation Will focus directly on the course major only, with the goal of mastering subject matter related to the major.

Your Guide to Preparing Your Thesis or Dissertation is provided On The Main Topics Menu. The Required Bachelor Degree PLA “Prior Learning Assessment Guide” Also Appears On the Main Menu.

Degree Programs:

  1. Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
  2. Master of Theology (M.Th.)
  3. Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
  4. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  5. Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)
  6. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)

Primary Course Majors:

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. Theology
  3. Ministry/ Divinity
  4. Christian Education
  5. Christian Counseling


Course Credits:

 Bachelor degree including 90 cr. hr. PLA and 30 cr. hr. Thesis = 120 cr. hrs.

  Master’s degree 30 cr. hr.  (or) * PLA and 30 cr. hr. Thesis = 60 cr. hrs

  Doctorate degree 30 cr. hr.  (or) * PLA and 30 cr. hr. Dissertation = 60 cr. hrs.

*PLA is optional for Master’s and Doctoral degree programs.

Research Books:

Free PDF Books Are Provided At Our Free Online Library. Just visit: and open the PDF Books section.  Be sure to Download free ADOBE reader software to open any of the books. All of your research can be accomplished through use of our library resources at no cost.