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Salvation and Dedication, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

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Salvation and dedication of your life to the Lord Jesus Christ

Many know of Jesus, they know him as a great prophet or a great teacher. Many even know that it is a well-documented historical fact, that he was crucified on the cross at Calvary outside of Jerusalem and that more than 500 people witnessed his resurrection from the dead. Many know of him, yet few truly know him.  Writers and historians alike have said that there is more historical evidence for the birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, than there is of the birth and death of Adolph Hitler, yet many still deny him a place in their lives. Yes, many know of him, but few truly know him.

Would you like to really know him whom to know is life and health and peace? In the Old Testament times, before Jesus came in the flesh, there was a sacrificial system in place whereby an unblemished lamb was sacrificed for the sins of the people, once a year. Through the blood of this unblemished lamb (a type of Christ) being poured upon the mercy seat, in the Holy of Holies, by the high priest, God was satisfied and propitiation was made for the sins of the people. In other words, their sins were covered by the blood of the lamb which was slain for the sins of the people. This sacrificial system was done away with immediately following the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, at Calvary. The scripture says that the curtain to the Holy of Holies was actually torn supernaturally at the time of the Lord’s crucifixion. He was our perfect sacrifice. The lambs which had been sacrificed in years prior to Jesus were merely a type of Christ who was to come. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice who fulfilled the law and once and for all completed any requirement for a sin sacrifice.

When Jesus appeared to John the Baptist at the Jordan river, John proclaimed, “ Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.” Because Jesus never committed sin, He was able to be our perfect sacrifice, once and for all. There is no longer a need for a high priest to enter the Holy of Holies and sacrifice an unblemished lamb. Jesus is our perfect sacrifice, he paid our sin debt. The scripture says, “ He who knew no sin, became sin for us, that we might attain to the righteousness of God through Him. We are all sinners. The scripture says, “ None are righteous, no not one, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.” The scripture also says, “The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life, to all that believe, through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The Apostle Paul said, “ We are saved by Grace through Faith and that, not of ourselves, It is the Gift of God, not as a result of works, lest anyone should boast. Jesus said, “ For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him would not perish, but has everlasting life. Jesus died for our sins as our perfect sacrifice, saving us from judgment and eternal separation from God. History shows that Jesus is both Lord and Savior to all who believe. So, we have learned that we are all sinners and that the wages of sin is death. However, we are also made aware that Jesus is our perfect sacrifice and that he paid our sin debt by shedding his sinless blood for all who believe in Him as Lord and Savior.

By Grace, God gives us the Free Gift of Faith to believe that Jesus died for our sins and that He became our personal Savior. But Jesus did even more than give His perfect life as a ransom for our sins through surrendering His life on the cross. Jesus proved that he was God in the flesh by doing something that no mortal could ever do. He gave life back to Himself and rose from the grave on the third day in fulfillment of scripture. Jesus is more than a great teacher or a great prophet, Jesus lives. He is our living Lord and Savior. This is what sets Christianity apart from every other religion. Our redeemer lives. We worship a living savior. Because He is our example, we have the assurance that we too can know a resurrection from death and the promise of an eternal spiritual life of joy and peace, in His presence for eternity. This is our great hope and the essence of Christianity. So, why worship or pray to a statue or image? Why partake in a religion that follows a prophet or dead leader, whose bones are buried in the ground? Christians are unique because we serve a living savior who has risen from the grave and proven Himself to be our life-giving God in the flesh?

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