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Online Master of Divinity Program

The NTS Online Master of Divinity Degree Program

You can now earn your Master of Divinity through our convenient 100% online, self-paced, affordable program.

Master of Divinity Online Master of Divinity MDiv

The Online Master of Divinity Degree Program is designed for men and women who hold a Bachelor Degree (or higher) in any major and are currently serving, or are looking to serve in ministry.

If you do not hold a Bachelor Degree, you can always opt to enroll in a combined Bachelor / Master Degree Program. The benefit of enrolling in this type of combined program is that you will complete a large portion of your required courses for your Master of Divinity Degree in any of our Bachelor Degree Program, regardless of the major you choose in any of our Online Bachelor Degree Programs.

In the Master of Divinity with a concentration on Ministry, you will complete the necessary courses (which include Theology, Old and New Testament, and Christian History) to be on your way to earning a degree which will become applicable to your calling.

The Online Master of Divinity Program is a 90-credit hour 100% online program. However, you will never be required to complete a course in this degree program that you have taken in your previous education. All credits are transferrable with the submission of your transcripts, as long as the course completed is compatible to that of your program requirements.

When you view the benefits of this program (1) 100% Online - no need for travel or time off, (2) Self-Paced - you work at your own pace and within your own schedule, (3) Affordable Program - a sought after program provided at a fraction of the cost, it is easy to understand why the Online Master of Divinity Degree Program with Northwestern Theological Seminary has become a very popular alternative to traditional programs offered by other schools.

If you have earned a Bachelor's Degree in any major, the Online Master of Divinity Program can be completed in less than 2 years, and if qualified* for an accelerated program, it can even be complete in as little as 15 weeks to 1 year with Northwestern Theological Seminary.

*Accelerated Programs are qualified for through transferrable compatible credits from previous related education in a Christian major and are applicable to the Online Master of Divinity Program.


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