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Northwestern Theological Seminary

"Celebrating over 40-Years of Christian Educational Ministry,  Since 1980 "

All inquiries are welcome... Send us an e-mail today!

As with the majority of large colleges, universities and seminaries all non-emergency communications are best handled online by e-mail which allows us both to maintain a record and eliminates the inefficiency of missed calls etc. With thousands of students and hundreds of applicants it is impossible for any large online school to handle such communications by telephone. This is now standard policy for the majority of schools in the 21st century.

Worldwide Ministries Administrative Addresses:

Northwestern Theological Seminary Office of the Registrar:

Applicant Communications Only:

Attention Ms. Yolanda Rivera:

Northwestern Theological Seminary Administration:

Enrolled Student Communications Only:

Attention Mrs. Melissa Jones:

*Phone and Fax numbers for enrolled student Use Only: 


Primary mailing address for United States and International communications                  

Northwestern Theological Seminary

14391 Spring Hill Drive STE 288,  Spring Hill, Florida  34609     U.S.A.


Contacting the ministry by email:

As an online school 99% of communications are accomplished most efficiently by e-mail. However, we provide phone and fax access for enrolled students especially for emergencies.

Click on LINKS below to make any inquiry:

We encourage you to E-mail us with any question or concern that you may have.

Please be patient we are a busy seminary. However, we will not ignore your inquiries.

Hours of operation are:  9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Closed on weekends and holidays.

Northwestern Theological Seminary:

All Applicant Inquiries:

NTS Registrar:

Attn: Yolanda Rivera

Enrolled Student Communications:

NTS Administration: 

Attn: Melissa Jones 

Christian Alliance Ministries

Ministry Email:

The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ

WCJC Charter Email:

Ministry Leadership

Bishop: Dr. Howard M. Sarkela, Founder/ Presiding Bishop

Dr. Samuel Galloza, President of Northwestern Theological Seminary and Northwestern Christian University
Spanish / English Bi-lingual


Bishop: Dr. James Feazell, Jr. Bishop,  Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ                    E-Mail:

Bishop: Dr. Jefferson Ghauri, Int. Vice President CAM/ WCJC/ NTS/ NCU                  E-Mail:

Bishop: Dr. Seth Lagunda, President, NTS/ NCU fellowships of the Philippines             E-Mail:

Administrator:  Melissa Jones         

Registrar:  Yolanda Rivera

Contacting the ministry by e-mail/telephone:

It is our NTS educational ministry policy to do the majority of our communications by e-mail.  Phone calls should be restricted to cases involving students with emergencies.

We are a large (over 39-year-old) worldwide ministry with thousands of members and hundreds of worldwide branches and churches. If our policy was to communicate primarily by telephone we would need to train call center staff and build a phone room just to handle the phone calls from thousands of students worldwide. This would be very costly and inefficient.  Therefore, e-mail communications are our standard method of communication for most large worldwide educational programs, colleges, universities and seminaries of the 21st century..

Our focus is always to keep costs to a minimum and pass the savings on to our students so that more students can receive quality Christ-centered education at affordable costs. Limiting phone usage has led to tremendous savings and increased productivity. E-mail, communications are far more efficient. There is never a missed call or need for inefficient phone tag scenarios to occur. Every communication is handled promptly, efficiently and with the optimum in cost-effectiveness.

So, please respect our policy which saves many thousands of dollars annually and allows for more efficiency in time management for the operation of our large worldwide ministry network.

Please do not misunderstand.. We want to hear from you as often as you wish and we will always respond promptly to your e-mail communications.

Registrar's E-Mail Address:

Attn: Yolanda Rivera

NTS Administration E-Mail Address:

Attn: Melissa Jones 

Ministry Telephone Number (in case of student related emergencies)

*IMPORTANT:  if you are are an enrolled student, having e-mail communication problems in sending, or receiving communications, just call the number below and follow directions provided.

Tel: 1-727-494-1504  *STUDENT Emergencies Only

Fax Telephone Numbers

Administrative Office: 1-727-859-1956   FAX LINE
Use for:
-Submitting Transcripts
-Copies of Previous Education Certificates
-Credit Review Forms
-All other non-financial submissions

Financial Office: 1-727-859-1956   FAX LINE
*Secured Location For Accepting Payments by Fax
Use for:
-Payment by Fax Forms
-Monthly Payment Authorization Forms
-Transcript Request Forms

May the Lord bless you, as you seek to grow closer to our risen Savior, through, Christ centered, Biblical education.

Northwestern Theological Seminary offers the most time efficient and affordable way ever to receive your quality, theologically accredited, Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate Degrees. There is NO Tuition... Our students simply make a Love Offering which SAVES you up to 98% when compared to traditional Degree programs.