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Educating The World

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Nontraditional Degrees

Non-Traditional Degrees and other Degrees

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The researchers investigated the importance of accreditation, and the ability of holders of non-traditional degrees to undertake work for higher degrees.

Of those holding a non-traditional degree, approximately one-fifth decided to go on to a higher degree.  Of these, 97 percent were admitted by the graduate school of their choice.  Out of every 100 successful applicants, only three reported some problems related to a non-traditional transcript, or because of having credit for life experience.

However, 97 percent experienced no problem in graduate school admission because of having a non-traditional and/or even an unaccredited degree.

How did holders of non-traditional degrees evaluate their preparation for further study?

Compared with a Traditional Degree, the Non-Traditional Degree was:

In overall performance, 99 percent of holders of non-traditional degrees felt that their degree was as good or better than a traditional degree.

Summary and Conclusions

When surveyed an average of two years after earning their non-traditional degrees, more than three-fourths of the subjects reported a significant boost in their perceived status and respect received, and a large majority had either entered a better employment position, or received a significant promotion or pay raise in their existing employment. Although these are the findings of an actual study, this Northwestern catalog does not intend to imply that any of our degree programs focus on financial success in life. Our goal is to educate and prepare, students for Christian service, so that we can do our part in fulfillment of the Lordís Great Commission.