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Christian Life Development Module Assignments:



For Learning Modules One and Two:



1. Write a thorough synopsis, in the form of an overview, commenting on each topic that is discussed in each chapter, you are also required to complete each assignment or exercise that may be included in each module.

                                 6-Credits given for each completed Learning Module Synopsis.


2. Create a workbook by analyzing each chapter to develop key questions and assignments etc., which are to be combined with the existing questions, assignments and exercises. The answers and completions of each  question, assignment and exercise should be displayed in the back of the workbook only and not on the same page as the questions, assignments and exercises. 



*Concerning Module One:

Your "Life Book", completed assignment, (From #1 above), is personal information and although it should be mailed in with your completed assignments, The completed exercise should not be included as a part of your workbook assignment. You should also make a personal copy of your completed “Life Book” to be kept with your Bible and prayer list for review, during daily devotionals, for your own edification.

However, the "Life Book" assignment, (not the completed exercise), should be given as an assignment only, in the Learning Module One Workbook.

For Learning Module Three:

Learning Module Three is a customized Learning Module developed by faculty advisors to fulfill course requirements leading to achievement of a Bachelor Degree. There are numerous assignments within the Learning Module, which compliment prior life experience credit, while focusing on the learning experience relative to the students degree field. Major components of Learning Module Three involve both Bible book studies and research papers utilizing the analytical process of applied education.