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This Is Your Confirmation of Formal Application to NTS


 *If you have not copy/pasted your current (Background summary) Bio-data (or) resume into the background information box of the application form, then please be sure to e-mail it to:

NOTICE: If your application was not completed properly it will be immediately rejected. All form fields must be filled in on the application. * If you have not properly completed your application, it is important that you complete a new application and submit it at this time or our staff will be unable to process your application and you will not be accepted for Seminary enrollment.

Discounts of $500 (Option A) are credited to reduce the regular $1,990 (singe degree) or $2,990 (dual degree) Love Offer/ Tuition costs for students who enroll within the 14-day enrollment period.. Option B. enrollments costs remain at $1,990 single degree and $2,990 dual degree which is still 98% LESS than total costs of most private universities.

If you have not entered a YES to select your degree program in the degree program selection table on your application, Just click the LINK below to submit a corrected application now:

This Seminary program is a 100% online program and all communications are done online only. It is important to communicate online so that we both maintain a record of all correspondence. Online communication is far more efficient resulting in NO missed calls or awkward scheduling issues and providing each party time to compose their communications properly. NTS Administrative office phone numbers are listed under contact information but are only for student related emergencies.



Dear Student Applicant:

Thank you for applying to Northwestern Theological Seminary.

If accepted for enrollment, you will engage in a very effective and efficient educational program that will provide your educational credentials as a Christian professional. At Northwestern, we seek to eliminate redundancy in education which allows you to focus on specific subjects relative to your degree field in a 100% online learning environment. We want you to be enabled to remember what you study for future application in ministry and career. We do this through a process called the "analytical process of applied education," developed by our founder, Dr. Howard M. Sarkela.

The following is VERY important information regarding your application and enrollment process with Northwestern Theological Seminary. We recommend that you carefully review the information provided below and print this page for future reference.



Please immediately add these 2 important e-mail addresses to your contact list to avoid having our communications lost in your spam filter.
*Also send a short confirmation e-mail to this link: 
If you fail to complete this step you will not receive our communications making it impossible for you to receive your seminary acceptance document or complete your seminary enrollment.


1. NTS Registrar Office -

2. NTS Administration Office -


After reviewing your application our registrar will contact you by E-mail to inform you if you have been accepted for enrollment. If accepted for enrollment, you will receive an  E-mail Acceptance Document with instructions to confirm receipt of the document. Applicants who immediately confirm receiving their acceptance e-mail, are allowed express enrollment. Please be considerate as fellow Christians, acknowledging that our NTS staff is working long hours and processing many applications. Whenever you receive a communication from the registrar or admissions office, please reply immediately and please do not ignore our communications. You will also receive an applicant number which should be used in all communications with the Seminary.  Once enrolled, a permanent student number similar to this example: N1234-3787 will be assigned. Each student number is unique and identifies the students within our system.

If you are currently enrolled in another school, nothing prevents you from earning two degrees simultaneously from separate colleges or seminaries. For example: You can begin a doctorate degree study at NTS now, even though you are currently completing a Master degree program elsewhere, or you can enroll now in a Master degree program at NTS while still completing your Bachelor degree elsewhere. However, your qualifying degree and transcripts must be provided prior to graduation at NTS. This is a common practice and allowed by most colleges, universities and seminaries. Even High school students are allowed to enroll and take college or university courses before graduating from high school.

Once enrolled, your faculty advisor will provide your educational plan, and work with you as your educational guide leading to the attainment of your degrees. You will be required to provide a copy of any prior diploma or degree award along with appropriate transcripts, prior to graduation and receiving your degree from NTS Seminary.

At enrollment, you will be setup on the NTSMoodle Course Management System. After completing your Orientation on the system, your assigned advisor will contact you with your program. If you will be transferring credits from previous education, your faculty advisor will require a list of educational courses which you have taken and a description of any appropriate ministry and life experience information relating to your degree field, in order to get you started while we wait on your transcripts and documentation. Therefore, based on your own written description of the courses that you may have already taken, you will be able to begin your degree program before we receive your actual transcripts and documentation. However, while not an urgent requirement, such documentation must be provided prior to graduation and award of your degree.

Due to the high demand for our programs and because our staff reviews the files of every student that is accepted for admittance, please be patient as it is currently taking from 1 to 3 business days to respond to accepted Seminary applicants. Also, keep in mind that Administrative offices are closed on weekends and holidays.


If approved, you will receive your Seminary Acceptance Document by e-mail. Once you receive your dated  acceptance document, your Initial Tuition/ Love Offer payment is due and payable promptly and no later than 14 days.  Failure to pay your initial portion of the Tuition/ Love Offer amount within 14 days, may disqualify you from approved status for enrollment.  

Option A. enrollments require a 50% payment to complete enrollment and the remaining 50% balance is to be paid prior to graduation.

 *NO Initial Payment is Required for Option B. enrollments. However Option B. enrollments do require that the 30-day PayPal autro debit be set up promptly, once you receive your formal acceptance e-mail. *There are NO interest charges.

Upon notification of acceptance, you may then proceed to submit your initial payment or set up your PayPal 30-day auto debit by opening the Seminary's 'Donations' page located at the Seminary website. The direct link to the 'Donations' page is:

It is very important that  you reply to the NTS Registrar's e-mailed acceptance package promptly and do your best to complete your enrollment within the 14-day enrollment period, or as soon as possible. As a Christ centered educational ministry we will cooperate with any request for an extension of the enrollment period due to extenuating circumstances, your education is our priority. However, all Plan B students should set up the PayPal 30-day auto debit as soon as possible to complete enrollment and begin your student orientation as soon as possible.

NOTE: Students who enroll with Plan A 50/50, are not required to make monthly payments and if the enrollment is completed within 14 days, you will also receive a $500 discount off of their remaining Love Offer balance at graduation.

Your Tuition/ Love Offer is a form of donation in lieu of regular tuition. However, it is not considered as a charitable donation for tax purposes.    

If not approved, it could be due to missing information on your application or your acceptance can be pending a request for additional information made by the Registrar's Office. However, if you submitted an application without the initial required information as specified on the application, your application will automatically be rejected.

IMPORTANT: In either case, you should contact the Registrar's Office if you have not received a response to your application within 48 hours at:


NTS Students do not need to buy books for their courses. You will be given access to the NTSMoodle Course Management System. Each course within the system provides a textbook in e-book (pdf) format so that you may begin your course immediately after registration into the system.


We have a FREE library resource for your use. This is our NTS online virtual library which provides approximately 39,000 free e-books and other great resources.
Visit the NTS Library today at:



Seminary LINK:        

For Payment Options LINK:

Seminary  Online Campus LINK: https:\\

Online Library LINK:

Registrar's Office - Admissions:

Administration Office:

To send your documents and/or transcripts by fax to the Administration: 1-727-494-1513

To mail your documents and/or transcripts, send to NTS Administration at:

Administrative Mailing Address:

Northwestern Theological Seminary
5135 US HWY 19N #117
New Port Richey, FL 34652 (USA)




* Option B Students: 97% of students help NTS keep costs to a minimum by selecting the convenience of automatic credit card or checking account debit payments. Only about 3% of students (mostly overseas students) choose to make manual monthly payments by check, credit card, money order etc. As an added savings, Northwestern Theological Seminary does not charge interest on monthly payment plans. However, if you choose not to enroll in the auto-debit payment plan, NTS must charge a small administrative processing fee to offset the cost of paying staff to do manual processing of payments each month. Almost all Colleges and Universities require automatic debit only. Further instructions on setting up your automatic debit payment plan will be given in your Enrollment Thank You e-mail after your initial enrollment payment has been completed.



Transcripts should be sent to your faculty advisor after enrollment is completed. Do not send transcripts to the NTS Registrar prior to completion of your enrollment. Once enrolled all required docs. will be sent to your faculty advisor only.

To submit this information, AFTER ENROLLMENT, send your documents as attachments to the following email address:

IMPORTANT: The subject line should read, Educational Experience.

IMPORTANT: In addition, be sure that your full name is provided in the body of the e-mail.


If you have any questions with regards to your enrollment or the application process, or you wish to make any changes to an already submitted application, please contact the Registrar's Office directly at:


If accepted for enrollment, it is wise to act promptly.  So, please do not procrastinate, this is an important and rare educational opportunity leading to your educational and spiritual growth and development.

Again, thank you for choosing Northwestern Theological Seminary. We look forward to doing our best in assisting you to fulfill your Christ centered educational needs and welcoming you soon to the student body of Northwestern Theological Seminary. May the Lord bless you and use you in a great way for the advancement of His kingdom.

Registrar's Office - Admissions Department


Be sure to download your complimentary e-book, after you have printed this reference page.
"The New You" Complimentary E-Book →  Click Here For Free E-Book

Refund/Withdrawal and Seminary Policies

Refund of Love Offer may be given, for a valid reason, at our discretion, if the student withdraws within fourteen days of enrollment.
The amount of the refunds will be based on the percentage table and timeframes below.

Withdrawal Time and Percentage Table
• Withdrawals within the first 7 days of enrollment = 100% minus the $150.00 Student Enrollment Processing Fee (The $150.00 fee is currently waived for new enrollments, however, the waiver does not apply to withdrawals and the fee will be charged at the time of termination).
• Withdrawals within the 8th to 14th day of enrollment = 50% minus the $150.00 Student Enrollment Processing Fee (The $150.00 fee is currently waived for new enrollments, however, the waiver does not apply to withdrawals and the fee will be charged at the time of termination).
• Withdrawals after 14th day of enrollment = 0%
(No refunds after this period. No exceptions, other than for Special Circumstances as listed in this policy)

Withdrawal/Refund Procedures
Withdrawals and request for refunds must be in writing, submitted by certified postal mail, and is credited based on the post marked date on the envelope. The requests for withdrawal should include the reason for the withdrawal, if you should consider re-enrollment at a later time. The requests should be mailed to:

Northwestern Theological Seminary
Administrative Communications
5135 US HWY 19N. #117
New Port Richey, Florida 34652

Withdrawal from the PayPal Auto-Debit Subscription

Withdrawal or cancellation of the PayPal auto-debit subscription requires the student to contact PayPal since the auto-debit subscription is a private arrangement between the student and PayPal and NTS has no authority rewarding the student's private PayPal auto debit subscription.

Re-Enrollments after Withdrawal
In cases where the withdrawal of the student is considered to be for acceptable reasons, (this solely at the discretion and approval of the seminary), students may re-register and begin where they left off with their studies, with prior or amended payment arrangements, and a $150.00 re-enrollment registration fee (the current waiver will not apply). Any funds paid by a student, that has been approved for re-enrollment, that were not refunded because the initial withdrawal was not accomplished within the established time frame, will be credited to the student’s degree program's account.

Special Circumstances
In case of death or involuntary call to military duty, NTS will return 100% of the Love Offer amounts received, if such event takes place within 90 days of enrollment.


Seminary Disclaimer and Release of Liability Policy

Christian Alliance Ministries and Northwestern Theological Seminary hereafter referred to as CAM/ NTS, offer Christ centered education to the world as the central function of our worldwide ministries. This is a legally-binding release made by you through your action of submitting your application form to CAM / NTS. Our Ministries are not regulatory agencies.  While every effort is made to insure that information and education is provided in accord with high standards, and is current and accurate, no representations or warranties expressed or implied, are guaranteed by Christian Alliance Ministries / Northwestern Theological Seminary regarding staff, board members, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors, ministers, agents or anyone associated with the above stated ministries or any form of NTS education / program content. By submitting the application and enrolling you agree to this liability statement. Furthermore, you agree that, in consideration for any education or learning opportunity provided to you, you understand that this is a ministry related educational program and not for secular employment purposes or for monetary gain and  that such education is not regionally accredited or approved by the U.S. / D.O.E. you will assume and take on yourself all of the risks and responsibilities in any way associated with your future following graduation including assessment of the quality and competency of the education that you have freely chosen from CAM / NTS. In addition, you fully release and hold harmless Christian Alliance Ministries / Northwestern Theological Seminary and all of it's staff, board of directors, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors , ministers and agents from any and all liability, claims or actions that may arise to yourself, in connection with the decision to enroll, attend, or participate in any way, with any of the Christian Alliance Ministries including Northwestern Theological Seminary. You recognize fully, that this release means that you are giving up among other things your rights to sue The Office of the Presiding Pastor of Christian Alliance Ministries and His Successors, a Corporation Sole (Northwestern Theological Seminary Fellowships, Northwestern Christian University Fellowships and Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ Fellowships), it's staff, board members, directors, officers, employees, faculty, advisors, ministers, agents or anyone associated with the above stated ministries, for damages, injuries or losses you may incur through or resulting from any of the the services or educational programs that you may receive. You also fully understand that this release binds your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, as well as yourself and your dependent's.

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a worker who need not be ashamed."
(II Timothy 2:15a)